The greatest reward of touring the countryside with microphone in pocket and pen behind ear, is the opportunity for new experiences. Badger Faced Sheep. A name that conjures copious images, but none as pretty as the sheep themselves. I’ve spent a considerable part of my life surrounded by sheep, certainly long enough to get to […]

Farmers and the agricultural community are social-media champions – using their smartphones to tell the stories of the land, their work and the animals they look after. On that basis, I sent a tweet asking my followers for their photos of lambing time. No competition, just a reflection of their lives and the world farmers engage with. […]

Spring has arrived and is full swing – daffodils, new born lambs and dairy cows heading outside after a winter indoors. It’s an iconic time of year full of age-old farming imagery, I’ve been fortunate so spend some time in the Yorkshire countryside over the past few weeks – here’s what I saw!

Throughout summer the British countryside is peppered with agricultural shows: everything is on show – from livestock to machinery, food producers to fashion. At the heart of Yorkshire’s calendar is the Great Yorkshire Show, here’s a few images from this year’s event.                

This Coloured Ryeland ewe – a traditional English sheep breed stemming back to the Monks of Herefordshire seven centuries ago – was sired by a white commercial ram and therefore thanks to the wonders genetics gave birth to the white lamb shown in the video. This particular sheep is known for producing very large single lambs compared […]

It’s mid-March and I couldn’t watch the days slip by without writing a blog about lambing, a period in the agricultural calendar when both young and old engage with food and farming.  In fact, lambing is the first time many people ever experience anything to do with agriculture. It was for me. If lambs are […]

There are enough in the United Kingdom for every 2.73 people to have one. Lined up nose to tail (easier said than done), in total they would stretch along England’s coastline 3.8 times. Of course, I’m referring to sheep!   The United Kingdom was home to 23 million of the little woolly blobs between December […]