The greatest reward of touring the countryside with microphone in pocket and pen behind ear, is the opportunity for new experiences. Badger Faced Sheep. A name that conjures copious images, but none as pretty as the sheep themselves. I’ve spent a considerable part of my life surrounded by sheep, certainly long enough to get to […]

One thing is assured, the life of a reporter is always varied, maybe more so when you ply your trade where there’s fewer people and far more sheep… North Yorkshire is a charmed land; through man’s boundaries the county encapsulates two National Parks and three Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty. My week started in one of them, […]

You can’t help but love village life. Chatting over the fence, or a brief gossip whilst walking the dog, there’s a degree of importance placed on spending time with one’s neighbour.   This relationship strengthens during the summer. Excess vegetables, or eggs from prosperous chickens, are shared and you can rest assured during autumn, a […]

Spring has arrived and is full swing – daffodils, new born lambs and dairy cows heading outside after a winter indoors. It’s an iconic time of year full of age-old farming imagery, I’ve been fortunate so spend some time in the Yorkshire countryside over the past few weeks – here’s what I saw!

This was my Christmas comment as published in the Yorkshire Post Country Week segment on 20th December 2014 Song lyrics provide a fantastic catalogue of common feelings and public opinion. Dash through the decades and you’ll discover song-smiths have created a timeline representing modern history and popular culture. Christmas is unique, it attracts more musical […]

The humble honey bee has been doing its thing for the past 150 million years. A nod to the quality of its work, is that honey is the only food source produced by insects and eaten by humans – it must be good! Spread on toast, mixed into cake, lathered over chicken – it’s a […]

Farndale, North York Moors. A valley renowned for its spring-time beauty: yellow daffodils edging a classic walk, teashops, summer livestock sales. But this is also a devious and foreboding landscape. Owing its inhabitants nothing, the rules were set long ago and it’s up to mankind and livestock alike, to play by them, or get out. […]