We’ve all been there. Bought a whole chicken to roast and then, thriftily, make soup or curry with the remnants. But it never happens. Any attempts at culinary utopia are quashed by limited time and limited butchery skills. However, fear not, for that’s about to change. With a simple chopping board and a knife it’s […]

Is it possible to really understand what we’re eating if we don’t know how it was made? Can we really enthuse about products if we’re not aware of their back-stories? Will the lack of education about food products and production continue to harm society and consumers? No, no, and yes. We’re nearing the apogee of […]

How we talk about food is changing. The language of food now centres around locality, seasonal, organic, fresh and many more buzzwords aside. I visit one retailer to see how they’re having to respond to changing consumer requirements and ask if we as consumers really know what we’re talking about. Is it possible for the […]