The greatest reward of touring the countryside with microphone in pocket and pen behind ear, is the opportunity for new experiences. Badger Faced Sheep. A name that conjures copious images, but none as pretty as the sheep themselves. I’ve spent a considerable part of my life surrounded by sheep, certainly long enough to get to […]

Farming: noun – The activity or business of growing crops and raising livestock Has the time come to rename the industry? It’s a simple concept, the act of growing food, but it’s an activity that engages fewer and fewer people. As we move into urban areas, pursue employment in tertiary and service industries, we’re leaving […]

Farmers and the agricultural community are social-media champions – using their smartphones to tell the stories of the land, their work and the animals they look after. On that basis, I sent a tweet asking my followers for their photos of lambing time. No competition, just a reflection of their lives and the world farmers engage with. […]

Meat should be marbled. If you’re not quite sure what that means, look for meat with little white flecks of fat through the red muscle, it brings both flavour and succulence. Unless your meat has been vacuum packed or it’s destined for the freezer, store it in the fridge with the bag removed and on […]

I always feel rather dispirited whilst at the meat counter of a shop listening to a parent scrabbling around for an answer to their child’s question of where the meat came from. The natural assumption at this point is the child is aged ten and parent circa forty. Not always the case, on more than […]

One week.  Ten thousand and eighty minutes.  Six hundred and four thousand, eight hundred seconds. In short: the length of time I’ve not been farming.  The news I’ve sold the business I started at the age of seventeen shouldn’t be new to anyone, unless you’ve found this blog for the first time.  For you newcomers. […]

The disparities between the countryside and urban areas are easy to see and hear: rolling green hills, the smell of manure and the crack of bird scarers all point to a rural location. Whereas the incessant scream of police sirens, a Costa on every corner and street lights, stun your senses in any city setting. […]