It’s a great time of year to pile a load of beef and root vegetables in the slow cooker. The longer they cook, the better the flavour. Let’s be honest: nothing beats returning home to the smell of a perfect stew and the knowledge that you have to do is open the red wine and […]

Shin: A cut of beef that might not be on every radar however, it certainly should. If you’re planning a recipe that uses diced or stewing beef, use this instead. Cooking times may have to be extended slightly but the trade of for the depth of flavour is certainly worth it. Ask your butcher as […]

Is it possible to really understand what we’re eating if we don’t know how it was made? Can we really enthuse about products if we’re not aware of their back-stories? Will the lack of education about food products and production continue to harm society and consumers? No, no, and yes. We’re nearing the apogee of […]

Meat should be marbled. If you’re not quite sure what that means, look for meat with little white flecks of fat through the red muscle, it brings both flavour and succulence. Unless your meat has been vacuum packed or it’s destined for the freezer, store it in the fridge with the bag removed and on […]

Prefect pork crackling, for some people it’s a thing of legend and yore. In reality it’s not that hard to muster up – there’s just a few simple things you need to do before you whack out the plates and eating irons. So without further ado; dig out your salt pots, tea towels and possibly […]

I can’t lie, this stuff freaks me out. For two reasons. Firstly: have you seen that face? It’s the thing of childhood nightmares! An image rapidly etched onto your retinas, there is no escape from the horror. Not even when you close your eyes… Secondly it causes me a degree of concern. Let me explain. […]

Tomatoes are a member of the nightshade family and thus related to aubergines, peppers and chillies. Originally from South America they were first recorded as being eaten in the United Kingdom in the 1590s. Technically tomatoes are actually berries and therefore fruit, however for culinary purposes we have become accustomed to thinking of them as […]