One thing is assured, the life of a reporter is always varied, maybe more so when you ply your trade where there’s fewer people and far more sheep… North Yorkshire is a charmed land; through man’s boundaries the county encapsulates two National Parks and three Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty. My week started in one of them, […]

Paper-white sheep grazing a hillside stand bright against tempestuous, ravaging skies. Tractor lights burn life into otherwise dark and desolate mornings. Mud clings to wellingtons with unparalleled force. The official onset of winter signals Christmas’ encapsulating joy, but also the suppressing weight of a long walk to summer. It’s a time when the countryside can […]

I was incredibly honoured and humbled to be awarded the Yorkshire Award for the Countryside at this year’s Yorkshire Awards ceremony in Leeds. The category is sponsored by the Dalesman Magazine and recognises people who have made a positive contribution to the rural scene in Yorkshire. Last year’s winner for example, was Amanda Owen the Yorkshire Shepherdess. […]

The humble honey bee has been doing its thing for the past 150 million years. A nod to the quality of its work, is that honey is the only food source produced by insects and eaten by humans – it must be good! Spread on toast, mixed into cake, lathered over chicken – it’s a […]

The flooding currently affecting the United Kingdom has, in parts, changed the landscape of our island forever.  Some areas, notably the Somerset Levels should in time return to a state of normality depending on the efficiency of the Environment Agency’s sixty five pumps removing over a million tonnes of flood water.  Whether normality will be […]

How we talk about food is changing. The language of food now centres around locality, seasonal, organic, fresh and many more buzzwords aside. I visit one retailer to see how they’re having to respond to changing consumer requirements and ask if we as consumers really know what we’re talking about. Is it possible for the […]

The disparities between the countryside and urban areas are easy to see and hear: rolling green hills, the smell of manure and the crack of bird scarers all point to a rural location. Whereas the incessant scream of police sirens, a Costa on every corner and street lights, stun your senses in any city setting. […]