We’ve all been there. Bought a whole chicken to roast and then, thriftily, make soup or curry with the remnants. But it never happens. Any attempts at culinary utopia are quashed by limited time and limited butchery skills. However, fear not, for that’s about to change. With a simple chopping board and a knife it’s […]

It’s a fact of life that chicken contains campylobacter: between May 2007 and September 2008 the European Food Safety Authority believes sixty five percent of all chicken sold in the UK was infected with the bacteria. This isn’t an attempt at scaremongering, or doing an Edwina Currie, it’s an honest statement of fact. Without knowing […]

I was reading the Metro newspaper the other day and noticed the article shown above. On reading it I wasn’t shocked. During my time as a butcher I’ve been asked many well-meaning questions and a few concerning ones too. A middle aged adult with three children in tow once enquired ‘how to cook a burger?’ […]