We’ve all been there. Bought a whole chicken to roast and then, thriftily, make soup or curry with the remnants. But it never happens. Any attempts at culinary utopia are quashed by limited time and limited butchery skills. However, fear not, for that’s about to change. With a simple chopping board and a knife it’s […]

I don’t want to say it too loudly, but we’re doing pretty well for a British summer (any second now the heavens will open…). There’s no better way to celebrate sunshine with a rummage in the garage for the old weathered outdoor lanterns, some good booze, great company and a BBQ. Go Posh! You can […]


Meat should be marbled. If you’re not quite sure what that means, look for meat with little white flecks of fat through the red muscle, it brings both flavour and succulence. Unless your meat has been vacuum packed or it’s destined for the freezer, store it in the fridge with the bag removed and on […]

  Know your skins! Traditionally sausages have always been encased with the intestines of sheep, pigs or cattle. However, artificial skins made from collagen derived from cow or pig’s hides, tendons and bone are sometimes used. To be honest these are awful, you don’t get the same quality sausage with a man-made skin and it […]

It’s mid-March and I couldn’t watch the days slip by without writing a blog about lambing, a period in the agricultural calendar when both young and old engage with food and farming.  In fact, lambing is the first time many people ever experience anything to do with agriculture. It was for me. If lambs are […]

As February progresses, we head towards March, winter’s icy grip starts to be left behind and the regeneration of spring begins its enchanting spell.  February is also the month when the last fresh game birds are available from winter shoots and game, a stalwart of British cooking, starts to ebb away from the menu. In […]

Mince. It’s probably our favourite way to eat beef. In the form of burgers, bolognese, meat balls or cottage pie we devour the stuff. But do you know what you’re buying and what to look for? There’s two types of mince – beef or steak. The steak mince is still beef but comes from particular […]