It’s a great time of year to pile a load of beef and root vegetables in the slow cooker. The longer they cook, the better the flavour. Let’s be honest: nothing beats returning home to the smell of a perfect stew and the knowledge that you have to do is open the red wine and […]

It’s a topic that divides families and splits opinions; plain or smoked? Dry or wet-cured? There’s a simple answer to one section here – go dry cured. Nothing good can ever come from wet-cured bacon… The background: Wet-cured bacon is soaked in brine or is injected with a solution that contains the salts and curing […]

How we talk about food is changing. The language of food now centres around locality, seasonal, organic, fresh and many more buzzwords aside. I visit one retailer to see how they’re having to respond to changing consumer requirements and ask if we as consumers really know what we’re talking about. Is it possible for the […]