There’s no escaping the fact the dairy industry has been rocked by the price crisis through 2014 – 2015. Retailers and consumers are repeatedly paying farmers less than the cost of production for the milk they supply. Farms are being sold, livelihoods lost and businesses stretched during turbulent times. The cause? Global over-supply, the Russian […]

Lamb: meat from a sheep less than one year old. Typically lamb is from an animal around four to nine months old – the varied climate up and down the UK means lambs are born throughout the year and British lamb is never out of season. Hogget: nothing to do with pigs! This is meat […]

This was my Christmas comment as published in the Yorkshire Post Country Week segment on 20th December 2014 Song lyrics provide a fantastic catalogue of common feelings and public opinion. Dash through the decades and you’ll discover song-smiths have created a timeline representing modern history and popular culture. Christmas is unique, it attracts more musical […]

If I’ve done my sums correctly, the farmed area of Yorkshire is slightly larger than the landmass of Cyprus and narrowly smaller than Jamaica. It’s certainly a proven truth there’s more Michelin starred restaurants in Yorkshire than anywhere else outside of Greater London. It seemed prudent therefore to give Yorkshire its own food and farming […]

The humble honey bee has been doing its thing for the past 150 million years. A nod to the quality of its work, is that honey is the only food source produced by insects and eaten by humans – it must be good! Spread on toast, mixed into cake, lathered over chicken – it’s a […]

Dawn slowly breaks, allowing sunlight to shimmer through the trees and dance playfully on dampened ground. The clock tower’s chimes fall silent, just as a blackbird’s staccato alarm call heralds the arrival of an early visitor. I knew where I was heading, all I had to do was follow my nose, for hanging lightly in […]