Farming: noun – The activity or business of growing crops and raising livestock Has the time come to rename the industry? It’s a simple concept, the act of growing food, but it’s an activity that engages fewer and fewer people. As we move into urban areas, pursue employment in tertiary and service industries, we’re leaving […]

I don’t want to say it too loudly, but we’re doing pretty well for a British summer (any second now the heavens will open…). There’s no better way to celebrate sunshine with a rummage in the garage for the old weathered outdoor lanterns, some good booze, great company and a BBQ. Go Posh! You can […]

You can’t help but love village life. Chatting over the fence, or a brief gossip whilst walking the dog, there’s a degree of importance placed on spending time with one’s neighbour.   This relationship strengthens during the summer. Excess vegetables, or eggs from prosperous chickens, are shared and you can rest assured during autumn, a […]

This was my Christmas comment as published in the Yorkshire Post Country Week segment on 20th December 2014 Song lyrics provide a fantastic catalogue of common feelings and public opinion. Dash through the decades and you’ll discover song-smiths have created a timeline representing modern history and popular culture. Christmas is unique, it attracts more musical […]

If you follow me on Twitter, @GarethBarlow and read my tweets, you might have seen that I won an award last week. At the Deliciouslyorkshire seventh annual awards ceremony I was delighted and honoured to be presented with the Outstanding Newcomer to Food and Drink 2011-2012 Award. To be eligible for the award producers or suppliers had to have been […]