Paper-white sheep grazing a hillside stand bright against tempestuous, ravaging skies. Tractor lights burn life into otherwise dark and desolate mornings. Mud clings to wellingtons with unparalleled force. The official onset of winter signals Christmas’ encapsulating joy, but also the suppressing weight of a long walk to summer. It’s a time when the countryside can […]

As summer develops the rural landscape changes too, farmers are busy cutting hay for winter feed and gathering silage to feed dairy cattle whilst they’re housed indoors. The changes aren’t solely confined to our grasslands: arable fields progress through a rainbow of colours, from bright green to golden yellows. The uniformity of arable crops achieved […]

One nation some situation. A child’s jubilation. An adult’s woe.   A national standstill you won’t make it uphill. And how do your hands feel? Dead like your toe.   The gritters are brilliant the planes not resilient your feet, aren’t compliant. As backside does know.   Sensationalist papers ‘Does God forsake us?’ But it […]