One thing is assured, the life of a reporter is always varied, maybe more so when you ply your trade where there’s fewer people and far more sheep… North Yorkshire is a charmed land; through man’s boundaries the county encapsulates two National Parks and three Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty. My week started in one of them, […]

I was incredibly honoured and humbled to be awarded the Yorkshire Award for the Countryside at this year’s Yorkshire Awards ceremony in Leeds. The category is sponsored by the Dalesman Magazine and recognises people who have made a positive contribution to the rural scene in Yorkshire. Last year’s winner for example, was Amanda Owen the Yorkshire Shepherdess. […]

If I’ve done my sums correctly, the farmed area of Yorkshire is slightly larger than the landmass of Cyprus and narrowly smaller than Jamaica. It’s certainly a proven truth there’s more Michelin starred restaurants in Yorkshire than anywhere else outside of Greater London. It seemed prudent therefore to give Yorkshire its own food and farming […]

You can find this post and more on my Huffington Post Blog, including exclusive content only found there I am hugely frustrated. Frustrated by a species slow to grasp new concepts, content to doggedly hold on to the status quo, with a terrifyingly strong grasp. Four and a half people are born every second, forty-five […]

Yorkshire has a farmed area larger than the landmass of Cyprus and marginally smaller than Jamaica, it’s also home to more Michelin starred restaurants than anywhere other than London. To highlight what’s going on in Yorkshire’s food and farming sectors I produce and present weekly audio for BBC Radio York’s Saturday Breakfast Show – you can listen […]

Throughout summer the British countryside is peppered with agricultural shows: everything is on show – from livestock to machinery, food producers to fashion. At the heart of Yorkshire’s calendar is the Great Yorkshire Show, here’s a few images from this year’s event.                

I t’s July, the Tour De France is over and that can only mean one thing: it’s time for the Great Yorkshire Show. The show is held annually in Harrogate and can claim to be England’s premier agricultural event and one of the biggest in the United Kingdom.  From cattle parades and stock judging, to […]