Dawn slowly breaks, allowing sunlight to shimmer through the trees and dance playfully on dampened ground. The clock tower’s chimes fall silent, just as a blackbird’s staccato alarm call heralds the arrival of an early visitor. I knew where I was heading, all I had to do was follow my nose, for hanging lightly in […]

The landscape surrounding the Staal Smokehouse must be flatter than the nearby sea. Dropping down from the twisting, vaulted, Yorkshire Wolds into the plains of Holderness, you know industry has altered as much as the gradient. Smoking fish is a process encased in imagery; historic films of men hoisting poles laden with spilt mackerel, high […]

Farndale, North York Moors. A valley renowned for its spring-time beauty: yellow daffodils edging a classic walk, teashops, summer livestock sales. But this is also a devious and foreboding landscape. Owing its inhabitants nothing, the rules were set long ago and it’s up to mankind and livestock alike, to play by them, or get out. […]

Yorkshire has a farmed area larger than the landmass of Cyprus and marginally smaller than Jamaica, it’s also home to more Michelin starred restaurants than anywhere other than London. To highlight what’s going on in Yorkshire’s food and farming sectors I produce and present weekly audio for BBC Radio York’s Saturday Breakfast Show – you can listen […]

Caroline Barugh owns and runs Goodness Veg just a couple of miles north of York, I caught up with Caroline tending her seven acres of plants. You’re wholly organic, do you ever think that maintaining the status is too much of a struggle? No I’ve never even thought of farming that way, all you have […]

Andrew you describe yourself as a ‘purveyor of mayhem’, explain that… (laughs) I think that chefs have a certain reputation to live up to! We did that with a fair bit of gusto living in Whitby and playing rugby for many years, we built up a bit of a reputation in more ways than one… […]