You can’t help but love village life. Chatting over the fence, or a brief gossip whilst walking the dog, there’s a degree of importance placed on spending time with one’s neighbour.

 DSC_0340 (4)

This relationship strengthens during the summer. Excess vegetables, or eggs from prosperous chickens, are shared and you can rest assured during autumn, a jar or two of chutney will be sent in return.

Everything tastes better when you grow your own and there seems to be an unspoken rule any excess joy should be shared around. Thank goodness that’s the case!

It was with great delight that I discovered the White Swan at Wighill


They’ve seized upon the fact sometimes you might have a touch too much kale, discovered some field mushrooms everyone should taste, make wonderful jam or produce super lamb. You bring the harvest and get ready to barter for your reward.

A fair system saw me exchange a dozen eggs for a pint of Guinness (my favourite) and a packet of crisps. Bring more, get more and everyone seems to benefit. Local food on the menu, reducing food waste, slashing food miles and distilling community spirit.

DSC_0579 (2)

It strikes me as a super way to make the most of the land and the people living from it. A tip of the hat has to go to Wesley and the team at the White Swan for their vision in bringing the best of Yorkshire together in one place.

So what have you got to barter with? Even better… why not do the same with your business?


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