Farmers and the agricultural community are social-media champions – using their smartphones to tell the stories of the land, their work and the animals they look after.

On that basis, I sent a tweet asking my followers for their photos of lambing time. No competition, just a reflection of their lives and the world farmers engage with.

Here’s the results; from some of our rarest breeds of sheep, to commercial stalwarts and shepherds both young (and a touch older), they’re all here.

Thank you and enjoy!

(Finally; look out on my Twitter account for this month’s photo compilation, it would be great to see your view)

Elliot Kirwan: Aspiring Veterinary Surgeon and part-time amateur sheep farmer from Lancashire. @Elliot_Kirwan

Elliot Kirwan

Emily Murdoch: 6th generation bumpkin (Emily’s description!), photographer and lady beekeeper. @EmilyBaah

Emily Murdoch Col 1

Emily Murdoch Col 2

Gareth Wyn Jones: Farmer father of three, television presenter and writer based in Wales. @1GarethWynJones

Gareth Wyn Jones

Isa Andrews: Miniature Southdown Sheep enthusiast, farming and surveying in Herefordshire. @flockofarwen

Isa Andrews

James Rhys Baylis: Scotland-dwelling Welshman building a flock of sheep whilst blogging and writing. @JamesRhys90

Jame Rhys Baylis Col

Jessica: Studying law part-time and a self-appointed Godmother to her sister’s sheep. Best mate is a sheep called JessyLamb! @JessyLamb44


Julie Thompson: passionate about animals, especially Herdwicks, living on a smallholding in the Scottish Borders. @Julesmanools

Julie Thompson

Kyle Thomson: First generation twenty-two year old shepherd, looking after 1000 ewes on a Scottish Border upland farm. @Kthomson159

Kyle Thompson

Loopy Ewes: Shepherdess, designer and producer of handmade woollen accessories from Castlemilk Moorit and Portland Flock, based in Cirencester. @LoopyEwes

Loopy Ewes 2

Loopy Ewes

Louise Cook: Marketing, websites, science golf, accounts, sports and farming based in North Yorkshire. @squeasy_louise

Lousie Cook

Nic Blaenffos: Smallholder in South Wales and “animal mummy to many”. @nicblaenffos

Nic Blaenffos

Al Hughes: Durham-based farmer working with sheep and cows “Farm, eat, sleep, repeat”. @DurhamFarmer

Al Hughes

Pete Vickerton: farming 450 pure Lleyn sheep near Driffield, with fencing, hedge planting and firewood to “keep us out of trouble”. @PVickerton

Pete Vickerton

Robert Dewey: Ex Scottish rugby player now breeding Hebridean lamb for meat, breeding Mules and pedigree Hampshire Downs near St Andrews. @LathockarLamb9

Robert Dewey

Rosey Dunn: Ladies in Beef member, increasing consumer awareness of British food, farming near York. @farmerDunn

Rosey Dunn

Stuart Somerville: farmer and bagpiper looking after cattle, sheep, horses and grain in Central Alberta. @Stuthefarmer

Stuart Somerville

Wolfhanger Southdowns: smallholding with Southdown ewes and an “awful lot of equipment” in the Southdowns National Park. @wolfhangersheep

Wolfhanger SouthDowns


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