Boneless rolled loin: effectively the sirloin steak of pork and comes from the two muscles running parallel along the top of the ribs, down the length of the back.

This beautifully lean meat is surrounded by a layer of fat and skin, ensuring great succulence and crackling. What’s more, it’s really easy to carve!

Perfect for Sunday roasts and something special; ask your butcher to bone, roll and string a pork loin – not forgetting to score for crackling.


Pork shanks: effectively a pig’s thigh – don’t worry these aren’t trotters – and they taste delicious! Best cooked long and slow, pork shanks have bags of flavour and you’ll be rewarded for your patience.

Buy them on the bone, but if you’re not a fan of meat on the bone ask for them to be boned out. WHATEVER YOU DO – keep the bones! Chuck them in the pot with the meat and sauce for added flavour and meat juices.

You might not always find pork shanks on the butchery counter but do ask, butchers are always happy to sell them.


Pig’s cheek or chap: hold your horses before going ‘ugh’! Yes, these are pig’s cheek from the face but they’re a foodie delight – honestly, if you want to keep up with the Jones’ you need to by buying these…

Delicate, very lean and pure meat, they have great flavour and are perfect for braising in a hot pan before adding some super welsh leeks and a touch of sauce.

Butchers will always be able to source pork cheeks for you but they’re less likely to be in stock. Call a couple of days ahead and most decent butchers should be able to fulfil your order.



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