There’s no escaping the fact the dairy industry has been rocked by the price crisis through 2014 – 2015. Retailers and consumers are repeatedly paying farmers less than the cost of production for the milk they supply. Farms are being sold, livelihoods lost and businesses stretched during turbulent times.

The cause? Global over-supply, the Russian dairy import ban and a vicious supermarket price war has seen domestic and international prices tumble. If you want to support dairy farmers and ensure they get the best price for their milk Booth, Waitrose and Sainsbury’s seem to be paying the best prices.

There are also dairies supporting their own farms, or those of close neighbours, who you could buy from.

Here’s five of the Yorkshire Best!

  1. Our Cow Molly, Sheffield. Farmers supplying fresh milk, cream and ice cream throughout the Sheffield area. You can visit their farm shop every day from 11am-6pm to buy direct and see the livestock and milking process.
  1. Shepherds Purse, Thirsk. Farmers for five generations and cheese makers for two. This isn’t a typical dairy farm – the team have made cheese from sheep, cow and buffalo milk for their artisan cheeses. Some very high-profile fans include Prince Charles and Alex James from Blur.
  1. Yorkshire Dales Ice Cream, Skipton. You’ll have surely seen their vans at numerous outdoor events and locations! You can visit the parlour – with plenty to do for children – family recipes use the farm’s own milk and that of their neighbours near beautiful Bolton Abbey, in the stunning Yorkshire Dales.
  1. St Helens Farm, York. Milk from their 550 acre farm at Seaton Ross, plus that of family farms across Yorkshire and the Midlands, their goat milk is available in supermarkets nationwide. Red Tractor assured, they’ve also formed their own ‘Better Goat Farms’ scheme.
  1. Wensleydale Creamery, Hawes. The most well known Yorkshire name on the list, their cheese has Protected Geographical Indication from European – a sign it’s the real deal! The creamery employs a team of 200 and buys milk from family farms within the Dales, even Wallace and Gromit are fans!

Should you be on this list? Doing wonderful things with milk to ensure the future of your farm and the industry, or do you know of some who is? Get in touch and get on!


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