If I’ve done my sums correctly, the farmed area of Yorkshire is slightly larger than the landmass of Cyprus and narrowly smaller than Jamaica. It’s certainly a proven truth there’s more Michelin starred restaurants in Yorkshire than anywhere else outside of Greater London.

It seemed prudent therefore to give Yorkshire its own food and farming programme on BBC Radio. So that’s what we’ve done!

Every Sunday from 6am, shortly after on BBC iPlayer, I am presenting an hour long look at food, farming, environmental and rural issues. I’ll be scouring Yorkshire to find the stories of our land, joining farmers and rural workers to highlight their lives and interviewing the big names in food production.

So join me, every Sunday from 6am on BBC Radio York: 95.5, 103.7 & 104.3FM, 666AM and DAB. If you live a little further away that our airwaves reach, don’t worry – you can listen to the programme live via the BBC iPlayer app or after it’s broadcast via this BBC iPlayer link: http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p02fqk6w

If you have an issue, story or news you’d like to let me know about find me on Twitter or email me at garethbarlow@bbc.co.uk


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