Lamb: meat from a sheep less than one year old. Typically lamb is from an animal around four to nine months old – the varied climate up and down the UK means lambs are born throughout the year and British lamb is never out of season. Hogget: nothing to do with pigs! This is meat […]

This was my Christmas comment as published in the Yorkshire Post Country Week segment on 20th December 2014 Song lyrics provide a fantastic catalogue of common feelings and public opinion. Dash through the decades and you’ll discover song-smiths have created a timeline representing modern history and popular culture. Christmas is unique, it attracts more musical […]

If I’ve done my sums correctly, the farmed area of Yorkshire is slightly larger than the landmass of Cyprus and narrowly smaller than Jamaica. It’s certainly a proven truth there’s more Michelin starred restaurants in Yorkshire than anywhere else outside of Greater London. It seemed prudent therefore to give Yorkshire its own food and farming […]