A cut of beef that might not be on every radar however, it certainly should. If you’re planning a recipe that uses diced or stewing beef, use this instead. Cooking times may have to be extended slightly but the trade of for the depth of flavour is certainly worth it. Ask your butcher as shin isn’t always on the counter. Grab yourself Jamie Oliver’s shin beef stew.


Sirloin on the bone

Not the cheapest way to eat beef but possibly one of the best. Grab yourself a dark, marbled, well-hung joint and savour the flavour. Cooking meat on the bone gives great taste and left slightly pink in the middle ensures an awesome Sunday roast. Only one person can be trusted with the instructions for cooking this classic; check out Delia Smith’s roast beef recipe here.


Mince is super easy and really versatile, what’s not to love? We’re talking the classics: home-made beef burgers, spaghetti bolognese, cottage pie and chili con carne amongst others.  Retailers sell super lean mince at 5-10% fat or more standard packs with 20% if you like more flavour and juices in your cooking. Crack open the red wine, grab parmesan and try this spaghetti bolognese recipe.


Ox tail soup:

Not the canned stuff from Baxters, but if you’re feeling lazy I might turn a blind eye. Ox tail soup is really easy to make and you can grab jointed ox tail from supermarkets and any good butcher. Ox tail has bags of flavour and a fair bit of fat too – make the soup, refrigerate it and skim the hard fat off the top before reheating – healthy eating resumes! Hugh Fearnley-Whittingsall makes a blinder.

Salmon cut:

I promise this is actually a beef joint! Found in the hindquarter (rear leg) between the topside and silverside it’s a tubular cut of beef about at thick as your forearm and apparently shines like a salmon. Apparently… It definitely is super easy to cook, carve and eat, perfect for an easy Sunday lunch. These guys have all the tips for making the most or your roast.



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