Yorkshire has a farmed area larger than the landmass of Cyprus and marginally smaller than Jamaica, it’s also home to more Michelin starred restaurants than anywhere other than London. To highlight what’s going on in Yorkshire’s food and farming sectors I produce and present weekly audio for BBC Radio York’s Saturday Breakfast Show – you can listen […]

Shin: A cut of beef that might not be on every radar however, it certainly should. If you’re planning a recipe that uses diced or stewing beef, use this instead. Cooking times may have to be extended slightly but the trade of for the depth of flavour is certainly worth it. Ask your butcher as […]

Caroline Barugh owns and runs Goodness Veg just a couple of miles north of York, I caught up with Caroline tending her seven acres of plants. You’re wholly organic, do you ever think that maintaining the status is too much of a struggle? No I’ve never even thought of farming that way, all you have […]

For years the world questioned if Britain really had any discernible cuisine? Carbohydrate heavy, doused in gravy and somewhat stodgy, our dinner was berated by European cousins and seen as rather twee by those on the other side of the pond. Thankfully things have changed – although equally reassuringly, the Yorkshire Pudding most certainly hasn’t […]