Andrew you describe yourself as a ‘purveyor of mayhem’, explain that… (laughs) I think that chefs have a certain reputation to live up to! We did that with a fair bit of gusto living in Whitby and playing rugby for many years, we built up a bit of a reputation in more ways than one… […]

Summertime transforms our farming landscape. Field upon field of wheat, barley, oil seed rape and more are combined with the resultant crops destined for a diverse range of uses including milling, feed and fermentation for beer. The key component of this process is the combine harvester and without these leviathans of the land farmers would face […]

When it comes to photographing agriculture, dairy cows have to be my favourite domesticated farm animal to capture images of. With a temperament somewhere set between the timidity of a sheep and the cheekiness of a goat, they make wonderful subjects. Add unique patterns, stunning contrasts, size, scale and poise to the mix and for me, they […]