Farmers across the UK are at the forefront of technology advancements: from autosteering tractors, GPS guided sprayers, robotic milks, robotic slurry scrapers, electronic ear tags, slave tractors… need I go on?

That’s not to say though that tradition and heritage have been left behind, in truth, the very opposite. The cyclical nature of agriculture means that once a year certain tasks arise and regardless that it’s two decades further on, the old dear will obediently once again fire up to see them completed – naturally with a squirt of ‘easy start’ or two… Sometimes you just don’t need mod-cons to get the job done, its remarkable what rust and dust will hold together, or grease move once more.

So don’t look at the old machines gracing our fields with derision or pity. Growing food isn’t a race it’s an art and sometimes the most beautiful art, is the oldest.

DSC_0509 (2)


DSC_0514 (2)


DSC_0523 (2)


DSC_0547 (2)


DSC_0552 (2)


DSC_0554 (2)


DSC_0584 (2)






DSC_0643 (2)












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  1. Gareth, we have to say, your pictures are of great quality !… Been folowing you for some time now, and that is oddly enough [mainly] for your photo work [twitter/wordpress postings]… We love your feeling for compositoin, subject and colour… You really have a hidden talent there !…
    Keep doing what you are doing best… And we’ll be on the outlook for more solid gold photowork…
    Oh, and also… we might have some small ideas on possible future tv related work…
    I will contact you later on that. [if that’s okee with you] > all the best.

    p.s…. make your camera your best friend ! [and travel with him wherever you go]


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