Butchers always get meat delivered that isn’t quite as they like it: maybe a touch too fatty or a little small, or they may have not sold as much of a particular joint.

It’s actually a bonus for us customers as there’s bargains to be had and still some great meat to be bought.
As we’re being bathed in heat and sunshine I’ve followed the rest of the country in having a BBQ and opted for kebabs (hence the title).

My local butcher had some sirloin steaks that were rather well hung and a little fattier than usual – perfect for kebabs. The fat will help keep the meat moist against the direct heat from the flames and the extra hanging will give some great melt-in-the-mouth beef.

So the steaks were prefect for my requirements however for the butcher they weren’t going to be as easily sold as the lean, bright red beef ,next to them. So we struck up a deal: I took what I wanted, they sold what they wanted rid of and everyone’s a winner.

As was the price. You’re doing the retailer a favour and they can do the same for you! Barter with your butcher – from my experience they always enjoy the challenge!


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