Is it possible to really understand what we’re eating if we don’t know how it was made?

Can we really enthuse about products if we’re not aware of their back-stories?

Will the lack of education about food products and production continue to harm society and consumers?

No, no, and yes.

We’re nearing the apogee of ignorance. If mankind doesn’t rapidly get to grips with how food is produced, what goes into our meals and why food is supplied as it is, then we’re destined for even more problems.  Currently the UK is gripped, like many other western countries, in an obesity epidemic but whilst 1 billion people are overweight almost as many are malnourished elsewhere in the world.

It’s not that we don’t know how to cook food: for that’s nearly impossible – cookery books, YouTube channels and TV shows see to that. We don’t know what our food is made of.

This week’s news is scientists from the World Health Organisation believe that sugar intact as a percentage of daily calories consumed, should lower from 10% to 5% – roughly 25 grams. This should make us more healthy and reduce issues such as diabetes and obesity. But if consumers don’t know that a single 330ml can of Coca Cola contains more than 25 grams of sugar, 35 grams in fact, then how can they follow official guidance?

However, we might find ourselves in a golden moment… We know we need to change our understanding and eating habits, there is willing. We’re surrounded by incredible producers helping to inform and educate the general public, people want to help. We have access to more technology to converse via than ever before, there is a way.

So rise up consumers and producers of the UK – talk to each other and get to know food. From the largest supermarket to the smallest artisan producer this is the moment to tell the truths about what’s being eaten, not to scare but to inform. Harness every medium of communication so that no voice is left unheard, no message not conveyed. Join together and savour the knowledge, the opportunity, the discoveries and most importantly… the flavour!


Do you know of a business, people or individual that are championing food education? Let us know about them in the box below so we can spread the word. Go on! Do it now!


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