• Know your skins! Traditionally sausages have always been encased with the intestines of sheep, pigs or cattle. However, artificial skins made from collagen derived from cow or pig’s hides, tendons and bone are sometimes used. To be honest these are awful, you don’t get the same quality sausage with a man-made skin and it certainly won’t be a banger! Do the job properly – always ask for natural skins, you’ll thank yourself.
  • Sausage v Pork Sausage: legally a packet of ‘sausages’ has to contain a minimum of 32% meat whilst ‘pork sausages’ must contain 42% meat.
  • So what’s meat? Not such a daft question… Of the aforementioned 32% meat in ‘sausages’ and 42% meat in ‘pork sausages’: 30% can be fat and 25% connective tissue with just the remaining 45% actually being muscle or meat as we know it.
  • PGI or protected Geographical Indication: A status given by the European Commission and held by both Newmarket and Traditional Cumberland sausages.  If you see the symbol on the pack you know you’re eating the real deal. To receive PGI status, the entire product must be traditionally and at least partially manufactured within the specific region.
  • Try something different: beef, venison and pork, lamb and mint, not forgetting pork plus thousands of flavours are all out there to be devoured. Personally, I love venison and pork in a casserole, check out Delia’s recipe below.


Delia sausage c


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