The title of this post makes a pretty bold statement and in response it’s easy to think; what’s he on about it’s only a greenhouse. I’m prepared to be bold…

If. You. Like. Food. This. Could. Be. The. Most. Important. Video. You’ll. Ever. Watch

It’s time to get real. We need to feed the world and right now we don’t do very good job. The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization estimated in 2011-12 that 870 million people on the planet, one-in-eight, suffered from chronic undernourishment.

If you’re reading this in a public place, stop. Look around and start counting people. One-in-eight.

A problem so large and serious that to attempt to tackle it in this blog would do it no justice, plus I don’t know enough about the subject to give a qualified opinion. I do know that we need to get to work: as farmers, as consumers, as societies. Respected estimates suggest that in thirty-five years another two billion people will be treading the planet, eighty percent of whom will live in urban areas.

We need to make our urban areas work for us, above and beyond the current spheres of commerce, housing and transport. The scope for urban areas to produce food is huge and the benefits are numerous too – check back for more during May.

For now take ten minutes to watch the video and see some of what’s possible and how we can support traditional agriculture to help feed the future.

This video was made and is owned by JourneyMan Pictures

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