What on earth are farmers talking about? There they are: stood with wellies on, primed for any amount of mud, looking at the land and using a whole host of terms that retailers have been quick to adopt. So do we need to pay attention to how our food is being described, or just get […]

  Know your skins! Traditionally sausages have always been encased with the intestines of sheep, pigs or cattle. However, artificial skins made from collagen derived from cow or pig’s hides, tendons and bone are sometimes used. To be honest these are awful, you don’t get the same quality sausage with a man-made skin and it […]

Prefect pork crackling, for some people it’s a thing of legend and yore. In reality it’s not that hard to muster up – there’s just a few simple things you need to do before you whack out the plates and eating irons. So without further ado; dig out your salt pots, tea towels and possibly […]

I wish I’d been there.  At the coffee shop meetings, poring over catalogues of seeds, drinking a celebratory beer after the signing of contracts, as the first basket of food was sent to a paying customer. Like I said, I wish I’d been there. If an urban area exists people strive, with varying results, to […]

The title of this post makes a pretty bold statement and in response it’s easy to think; what’s he on about it’s only a greenhouse. I’m prepared to be bold… If. You. Like. Food. This. Could. Be. The. Most. Important. Video. You’ll. Ever. Watch It’s time to get real. We need to feed the world […]