As you may have heard today, 17.04.14, the Food Standards Agency in the UK has detailed results of an investigation into lamb curries. After testing one-hundred-and-forty-five takeaway lamb curries it was discovered forty-three had been ‘wrongly described’. Before going any further I’m going to take issue with the term ‘wrongly described’. Imagine this example: I’ve […]

I went to try and find the imagery of agriculture that doesn’t always make the front page, here’s some of what I found. (P.s if you want to enlarge a picture click on it to go full-scale) (p.p.s I’m horrifically colourblind so that’s why we’ve gone black and white! Enjoy!)               […]

This Coloured Ryeland ewe – a traditional English sheep breed stemming back to the Monks of Herefordshire seven centuries ago – was sired by a white commercial ram and therefore thanks to the wonders genetics gave birth to the white lamb shown in the video. This particular sheep is known for producing very large single lambs compared […]

I was reading the Metro newspaper the other day and noticed the article shown above. On reading it I wasn’t shocked. During my time as a butcher I’ve been asked many well-meaning questions and a few concerning ones too. A middle aged adult with three children in tow once enquired ‘how to cook a burger?’ […]