There are enough in the United Kingdom for every 2.73 people to have one.

Lined up nose to tail (easier said than done), in total they would stretch along England’s coastline 3.8 times.

Of course, I’m referring to sheep!


The United Kingdom was home to 23 million of the little woolly blobs between December 2011-12 and of those 14.3 million were breeding females.


Their main roles are for meat production, wool which is sheared off annually and landscape management.

Whilst the exact dates are often subject to debate we eat lamb from animals up to one year old, hogget from those between one and two years and mutton from animals age two years and over.

Founded in 1973 by the father of Countryfile’s Adam Henson the Rare Breed Survival Trust works all over the UK to promote and conserve the incredibly diverse rare and traditional breeds of sheep found on our islands. They do sterling work – have a gander!


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