January 3, 2014

Bonjour 2014

One week.  Ten thousand and eighty minutes.  Six hundred and four thousand, eight hundred seconds.

In short: the length of time I’ve not been farming.  The news I’ve sold the business I started at the age of seventeen shouldn’t be new to anyone, unless you’ve found this blog for the first time.  For you newcomers.  Surprise!  I sold my business. 

That’s as much looking backwards as I’m going to do, it’s early January and therefore a time to be looking at what the New Year will herald.

No longer having five hundred dependants in the form of little black horny sheep means I’m able to be much more flexible – (horny refers to the fact they had horns, not their demeanour).  I’m going to Morocco in early February for a couple of days to practise my filming skills, admittedly I could go to Dudley however Morocco will be eighteen degrees.  Dudley?  Not so much.

After that in early spring I’m hopefully jetting off to Uganda for a week or so to look at farming over there, it’s not yet fully confirmed so you’ll have to wait a little longer for full details…

The biggest project for the year is working on television projects. I’m meeting with several TV producers over the next few months to discuss ideas and see how we can work together.  Since spring 2013 I’ve being signed by an agent in London – John Noel, check out his website – and I’ve written several programme ideas that we’re both very excited about.  Meetings regarding them are starting this month and we’ll see where we go from there.

Oh? You’d like to know what the programme ideas are? Ah, you see, I… can’t. Sorry. As Zazu the hornbill in The Lion King says “Not yet”.

What else am I up to?  To be honest I don’t yet know, I’ve got lots to work to keep me busy and goals to achieve but you never know what’s round the next corner.  For me that’s the most exciting part.

Happy New Year! GB


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