There’s a new kid on the block, a fresh face around town, something fishy is going on.

But don’t worry, ‘cos it aint got no beef.

Well actually it does, but it was created in a laboratory, with stem cells taken from a cow, mixed with a cornucopia of delights, and caramel, before being served up alongside some rather sorry looking lettuce and tomato.

If you’re not already aware the breaking news is that scientists have created beef!


Ok not so much created, but grew, because we all know that beef has been around for, well… since the Normans invaded and gave us the word, albeit with a slightly different spelling.*

I digress, back to the boffins and well done them and well done Sergey Brin for stumping up the cash to fund the project (if you don’t know who he is, Google him).

It strikes me that the work they (the boffins) are doing is rather good indeed. On a planet with one billion malnourished people and the population’s of emerging economies demanding more food, we need to supply more.  With an ever decreasing land mass available for agricultural production, we’ve got less space to do it. So to look for alternatives is some pretty sound planning.

For the sake of those currently underfed and for those who will be in the future I hope the idea is developed and then implemented. The worst thing to do now would be to say; “Got that sorted. Right, shelve it Steve and bring it back out when we’ve eviscerated every other asset”.

Let’s not do what we’ve done with hydrogen fuel cell technology.

*insert unimpressed smiley*

So to the person who’s going to say that I’m a proponent of a method that could destroy farming – I’m not – I’m a proponent of giving people choice. At the moment millions don’t have a choice and that’s a number only going to grow in the future.  Therefore we need, as a society, as a species, to look at ways to improve food security.

Giving people more choice will allow consumers to continue to be fed by the farming techniques they currently know and appreciate. It will also allow them to be fed by new methods, which in turn will surely give farmers more choice as well.

*That alternate spelling… Boeuf


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  1. I love that food security to some people comes from a bunch of people in a lab creating food and having it shipped in the millions from tightly regulated government controlled facilities to the people who the government or a bunch of rich people decide gets it… And not just grow a garden and keep some hens in your back yard instead of grass so that food is always within reach and your own control instead of relying on a lab that shuts down the minute there’s a power outage. If a bomb were to hit the lab that produced the majority of beef for an area? Or a solar flare for the sun set off a mass EMP reaction across the country (one of those just barley missed our planet a few months back) and all their cultures died out… Bye bye national food security! I don’t think this is the solution at all, save for maybe to vegetarians!

    • I totally agree with you that there’s no single solution and and we shouldn’t put all our eggs in one basket.

      However not everyone has the inclination or desire to ‘grow their own’ or take their own food production into their own hands. Plus factors such as land type and availability, location, finances etc etc are all possible constricting factors.

      It seems to me that a balance has to be found, I don’t know where the fulcrum is, but looking to the future new methods and approaches to food production must surely be sought?

      Those approaches, whatever they will be, won’t be the single source of caloric intake for our species but food and farming needs to continue to evolve to reflect the times we’re in.

      Myself? I’ll still be in my vegetable garden and butchering my own meat. If someone offers me a lab-kebab? I won’t say no.


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